仁王 -NIOH- プレーヤーキャラクター アムリタについて



Amrita in Nioh is the energy/currency you collect from killing enemies and doing all sorts of various activities. You can use amrita to purchase new items or level up at the Shrine.

Amrita is obtained by defeating enemies, opening chests, and destroying crates/jars at times. If you die, you will respawn back at the last shrine you prayed to and have 0 Amrita, however you may go to the place of your death to find your Guardian Spirit, and retrieve the Amrita you had lost.

Note: If you die along the way to retrieve your Amrita from the place your Spirit is guarding, you will lose both the Amrita gained on the way there as well as that which you had upon your initial death, and your Guardian Spirit will return to the last shrine you prayed at along with you.

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